Here you can find the Retraflex System.

Retraflex Retractable Hose System

RetraflexRetraflex complete set with wall inlet, handle and retractable hose with soft touch fabric cover.

Retraflex is a retractable hose system for central vacuum cleaners that, with the suction power of the vacuum cleaner, automatically retracts back into the pipe system. The storage of the suction hose is a challenge for many customers. With immediate effect, the Retraflex hose insertion system can be used to remedy this situation. After use, the hose insertion system disappears directly into the PVC pipe provided for this purpose in the walls.

Retraflex Installation Set

Retraflex Installation SetRetraflex installation kit with all necessary fittings and elbows for the basic installation of a Retraflex hose fitting system. Except for pipes and glue, everything is included.

Retraflex Wall Inlets

Retraflex Wall InletsWall inlet for the Retraflex hose retraction system. Available in 4 different colours. Made from PVC.

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